Friday, May 09, 2008

BizTalk Orchestration and the #error "Errors exist for one or more children."

Sometimes when you work with an orchestration you get #error "Errors exist for one or more children." as the only error. I managed to get this when I had a loop. Looking in the odx file manually I was able to determine which loop and branch of decide the error was in. Then I could see that one of my shapes had the error flag in the designer. It turned out that it was this line of code in an expression shape that did the error:

transform (DeliveryMessage) = tMap(InboundMessage);

Notice the blank space after transform. That's what did it. However, some strange stuff is:

1. I copied the orchestration from another project where this code worked.
2. Once i had compiled the orchestration i added the white space once again and now it worked.

Ok, I am not too impressed with the Orch Designer.


Jaeger said...

I had a similar problem that appeared after changing the .Net namespace of one of my Schema definitions.

Turned out that in the ODX file, at the bottom, after the "#endif // __DESIGNER_DATA" there was a statment
#error: "Errors exist for one or more children"

I removed that one line, and everything compiled just fine.

Ron said...

I had the same problem and removing this error in notepad allowed the project to compile.

vanessa said...

I opened my ODX in an xml editor and, sure enough, there was the actual line "Errors exist for one or more children...."
I removed it and BINGO...finally rebuilt successfully.
Thank you, thank you!